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Dorothy Leigh, A Second Chance
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January 31, 2011: Music Review by: Edward Blanco
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New Jersey native Dorothy Leigh grew up in a musical family which included an older sister who performed background vocals for various artist among them Dionne Warwick. Her dream has always been to become an accomplished singer and after a successful legal career, Leigh launches an impressive debut album with an appropriate title. A Second Chance, essentially offers Leigh an opportunity to realize a life-long dream to do what she has always yearned to do, to sing and sing she does well making the very best of this second chance.

This album introduces the world to a special songbird, one who voices the music with power and gusto capable of belting out a song with the best of them. This first effort presents a repertoire of smooth jazz and R & B music nicely packaged in ten new original pieces, five by Leigh's one-time vocal coach, Juanita Fleming, two by renowned songwriter Janice Robinson and three from pianist/arranger and producer Alva Nelson. Performing on the recording are twenty-four of New York's finest musicians though this is not a big band album as the players alternate on different tracks. Nevertheless, there are from ten to sixteen players performing on certain tracks definitely qualifying the musical support as a light ensemble.

The music is catchy, exciting and certainly entertaining. Whether one listens to the magical energy of the opening “Whenever We Touch,” the R & B styled title track or the intimate light love ballads of “Home Again” and “I'm Gonna Love you Forever,” you'll encounter rich melodies and beautiful lyrics with every song. There's plenty of electricity on this disc and one listen to the fire and heat of “ Don't Hang Up” is all the proof one will need. “Never Did I Ever Stop Loving You” is a particularly splendid number one in which the singer's vocal performance receives a jolt of energy from a sturdy horn section of trumpets, reeds and trombones making this number as close to a big band chart as you can get.

Leigh closes out an impressive first effort with a couple of smooth textured songs on the sensuous “Confessions” and the love ballad “Time to Go.” And go she does, as Dorothy Leigh leaves behind one heck of a foundation from which to grow and spread her wings for one gets the feeling, after repeated spins of A Second Chance, that this is not the last you will be hearing from this new songbird. A thoroughly enjoyable album of light vocals that will appeal to everyone.

Year: 2010
Label:Self Produced


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